Financial Management and Tax Preparation

Marexx has been created to fill a gap that exists in the personal financial services industry; providing independent, objective and, comprehensive tax and financial management services to individuals. Many individuals become frustrated with fragmented financial advice originating from diverse financial practitioners without regard to personal tax implications.

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Marexx offers the following personal financial services:
  • Personal income tax preparation and filing for individuals with:
  • T4 income
  • Pension Income
    CPP, OAS, pension and investment income
  • Self employment income
  • Farming Income
  • Rental Property Income
  • Home based businesses
  • Sales (Real Estate, etc.)
  • Professional
  • Tax reduction strategies – individual and family
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Financial planning strategies
  • Cash flow management
  • Budgeting techniques
  • University / College funding strategies
  • Retirement and estate planning